Life is tough

Life is tough isn’t it?

This is/was one of the main reasons for putting this site together. The people I have met and know have unintentionally shown me that life is tough and maybe it was the problem solver that wanted to find the answer as to why life was seemingly so tough for everyone. I noticed different topics or subjects that different people brought up and they all really pointed back to one major subject which is sin but I think too there needs to be an explanation to what sin is or can be. It makes sense to me to think of sin as doing what someone or something else wants other than God. Loosely, that can be other people (although there are certain people that should be listened to), yourself or your flesh like if you let yourself be controlled by your appetite or something like that. And there is Satan that really does exist and he is able to tempt up and if we listen to or obey him, then that would clearly be wrong.

Everyone is different but we are all on the same road so even though there are differences, there can still be an understanding. I have never been addicted to anything such as cigarettes or alcohol but I am surely capable. God has kindly kept me from getting to that but I still feel like I can relate to those kinds of addiction through amplifying the things I struggle with. And I don’t mean to undermine any struggle – like I said, we are all on the same life-road.

So whatever the struggle, what ever the difficulty or problem or sorrow or obstacle, I know or can at least understand a little what it can be like. But I am confident that they all stem from one major problem and I also know that that major problem has been solved already. God solved that problem and who better to solve any problem than God? How sure would that solution be since it is God that came up with it?

Maybe like with most problems, we want to be the one to solve them and would deny the solution of another person. It would be hard to accept someone else’s solution. It makes a person feel incapable and probably most of all, wrong. It’s one thing to have another person to make you feel wrong but it’s a whole other thing to have God to show you that you’re wrong. It really hurts and it seems like that’s where the ‘tough’ in life is tough comes from.